Dick Jaspers has realized a magical world record in 3-cushion Carambole.

In a match for the team competition in the bundesliga, the Dutch billiard player scored the 40 caroms in 4 innings: an average of 10.00. The previous world record was on 6 innings. The match was played on Sunday, January 21, 2018.

Dick Jaspers' first comment, modest as always:
– "Yes, it was a nice match, it all went well from the start. I haven't really been in trouble, but I had to solve some 5, 6 difficult positions. I think my record will remain there also for a long time, but someday one player will improve on it."

See a older match when Dick Jaspers strikes 22 st 3-ball caramboler in just one round. We, SCC Sweden - friends of carambole - will at the same time congratulate this amazing Dutch to his new bravad.

Players: Dick Jaspers / Frederic Caudron
YOUTUBE: See here!