[2019-09-09] 30 players joined SCC which is a good number of participants to be the first competition of the season. Many nice shots were offered and very nice to kick off the season after the summer break. A small historical competition when the competition from the semi-finals onwards was played entirely without players from BK Borgen. When it happened last (if it happened) no one remembers.

Won did the big favorite Michael Nilsson (Staffanstorp BC) who also won last season's overall ranking. With a tournament average of 1,473, he took home the first elite competition of the season. It is also the first time Staffanstorps BC is represented and wins an elite competition in 3-cushion.

An exclamation point in the competition was Mattias Enerdahl (Stockholm BS) who managed to make it all the way to the final. Third place shared Henryk Kalita (Stockholm CC) and Bosse Gustafsson (BK Paradis). Well played and congratulations to everyone!

Results Elite 20:1 2019


[2019-06-04] Swedish Championship in individual 3-cushion carambole 2019 ended Sunday June 2 with final play between Björn Lohmander and Torbjörn Blomdahl. This year's championship attracted a total of 23 players from all over the country. The final was won by Torbjörn Blomdahl with the numbers 40 - 29 and Torbjörn thus withdrew the SM title from last year's winner David Pennör, who in the year's competition ended split third together with Nalle Olsson. The win also meant Torbjörn's 28th (!) gold in the Swedish Championship.

Eva Viding Bussell, chairman of the Swedish Billiards Association, was in place to follow the final game and at the same time finish the championship with award ceremony together with Lars Kjerrgren, chairman of the Stockholm Carambole Club organizer. Torbjörn looked very happy for flowers and prizes, as well as the clubmates Nalle, Björn and David. All four medalists represented BK Borgen in Helsingborg - Grand Slam for the second consecutive year for the club! This year's Swedish Championship was arranged by Stockholm Carambole Club on the Söderbiljarden and attracted large audiences with many enthusiasts in place. The tournament was very well played and that the final cut for the top players became so high that creating good conditions for an even better game this fall when the Nordic Championships will be held in the same place with the same organizer, in collaboration with the Swedish Billiards Association.

Final result SM 2019


[2019-05-19] Eighth and final round of Elit Norra attracted a total of 21 players from all over the country. Many from the southern part of Sweden had gone to the games arranged by SCC at Söderbiljarden in Stockholm.

The final ended the tournament with Michael Nilsson and David Pennör at the final table. They became world-class display. And after a very smooth match, Michael rumored from the end against David and finished the game with a fantastic series. Everything is to be found on the Söderbiljarden YouTube-channel - see the final:

Results Elite No 8

SCC's HCP Tournament ended with great games.

[2019-05-16] Congratulations to Örjan Näsbom for the final victory and a very good game during the final night.

In the semi-finals, Örjan met Bo Bäckman and managed to win by making three points against Bosses two points in the shootout. The final against Christer Fahlström was not as even when Örjan again re-starred and won the price gain after winning with a total of 9-1.

Thank you all as you participated in the seasons. Now planning for next HCP season.

Results Final SCC HCP 18/19


[2019-05-03] Just five players had signed up so it was all against everyone. Two finalists were ready after each three wins. Christer Fahlström against Hugo Hellman who took home the victory after just five rounds. Hugo came in from the street and showed us others where the cabinet would stand. Congratulations Hugo to the victory!

EXCITING FINALS IN Swedish tournament of the year.

[2019-04-09] What a drama! This excitement has never been in the legal context, that neither the audience nor the players themselves know which team will fight the gold until the very last match of the competition. Four teams met on the first weekend in April in Malmö, in an all-against-all format where BK Borgen from Helsingborg was sky-high favorite to win their 31st SM gold overall. With reigning SM champion David Pennör, second-ranked Nalle Olsson, far-fetched Björn Lohmander and Jesper Johansson in the team, many believed that the gold trophy would ultimately adorn the price shelf in Helsingborg. But when it comes to team play, anything can happen and oh, what a drama it was!

BK Borgen was the favorites to take home the gold in the Team-SM in the 3-wicket carambole that was settled on the weekend - but when the gunfire left, it was BK Paradis from Lund who stood with the buck in hand.

BK Paradise winning team: Bo Gustafsson, Stefan Hillvin, Ratcha Alievski and Bernard Aupeix.

Congratulations to SM-gold 2019 BK PARADIS!

Results Lag-SM - 7-10 april 2019

GIGLIO won the seventh ROUND.

[2019-03-23] 14 players had signed up for the Class I competition that was held on the Söderbiljarden on Saturday. The day offered many good matches that contained two really exciting games between Zois Arvanitidis and Niclas Bergendorff and Victor Kalita against Niclas Bergendorff. SCC took home 1 - 6 place with a split 3rd place with Niclas.

Congratulations Giglio and Zois for first and second place! Good work!

Results Class I No 7


[2019-03-19] David Pennör won the sixth elite competition and ended up again at the top of the podium, after victory against the clubmate Nalle Olsson in the final. Threes were Henryk Kalita and Björn Lohmander.

The sixth elite competition in the 3-cushion was arranged at Söderbiljarden on Bondegatan in Stockholm, in cooperation with the Stockholm Carambole Club. 26 participants signed up, which is clearly approved. The favorites for the final victory were perhaps not so surprising David Pennör, Michael Nilsson, Nalle Olsson, Henryk Kalita and Björn Lohmander. The competition was, as always, very well organized and well executed when SCC arranges. A big thank you to the race leaders Victor Kalita and Lars Kjerrgren who made sure that everything floated very well.

Results Elite No 6

TOURNAMENT RANKING ELIT NO 4 ended with world-class final matches.

[2018-12-19] Söderbiljarden hosted this year's fourth and final ranking contest (15-17 December) before Christmas break. A total of 27 players registered and the Biljardpalatset posted their tables where nine of the matches were settled during the day to avoid all too late games on Saturday night at Söderbiljarden.

Michael Nilsson from Malmö CK was again submited and he did not disappoint this weekend. The qualifying rounds went smoothly, but Sebastian Larsson again scored excellent games against Michael Nilsson and Henryk Kalita. 27-30 against Nilsson and 35-40 against Kalita. Average for Sebastian for the tournament fine 0.739.

The semifinals were played between Henryk Kalita and Michael Nilsson, as well as David Pennör and Nalle Olsson. Nalle won over David by 40-34 and Michael won over Henryk with 40-28 in an extremely well played match where Henryk had a series of 12 and Michel two series of 8 and a further number of fine series. The match was decided on only 16 entries.

The crowd had barely breathed after both semifinals before it was time for the final between Michael Nilsson and Nalle Olsson. Everyone present on the spot as well as of those watching the live broadcast of the match got to see an incredibly accomplished match by Michael Nilsson. After only nine entries, Michael won with a score of 40-9.

Absolute world class and one of the best games ever played in Sweden. Among SCC's other players, Bosse Bäckman and Giglio Alvarado managed to reach the quarterfinals this time.

Next Tournament Ranking Elit will be hold in Malmö 2-3 February 2019.

Results Elite No 4

Experience the final!

See the matches!


[2018-05-13] Helsingborg's carambole club BK Borgen has done it again. Grand Slam in Swedish Championships in three cushion billiards and this year a new starring star, David Pennör. SCC sends their congratulations!

The final between David Pennör and Torbjörn Blomdahl started evenly and a little pending when David at 18-17 scored a fantastic series of 17 points and advanced to 18-34. New Swedish record series!

See the record series here from BK Borgen Youtube account, flush ahead: 01:06:55

The final match ended with numbers 31-40 to David Pennör and Torbjörn as equally lucky as David after the match. Now on Friday, David goes to Vietnam to play one of four competitions in the three cushion billiards world cup tour. SCC holds their thumbs for David, Torbjörn, Henryk and Tai!


[2018-04-28] This weekend, Class II was played at the Biljardpalatset. Eight players participated from the Stockholm clubs and several players were experienced pool players who now also gained interest in 3-cushin. Nice!

The cut may not be the best when most matches offered a tough defensive game.

SCC had three players with Lars Magnus Malmberg, Lars Kjerrgren and Christer Fahlström.

In the two semifinals, only one player left from SCC. It became Christer Fahlström who managed for the first time to move forward to the final where Christer was faced with tough opposition by BK Söder's top player Sebastian Larsson. Sebastian won with victory numbers 20-13 and showed skillful play. Congratulations again to victory Sebbe!

KLASS 1 Northern Final Competition.

[2018-04-21] The last ranking competition class 1 north went to the Billiards Palace April 21st. Nine participants beat the title and for SCC's players it went wonderfully well. Both Victor Kalita and Bo Bäckman reached the final that Bosse won. Bosse played safely throughout the day and became a worthy winner of the tournament. Big congratulations to Bosse and the good work of both gentlemen this Saturday.

SCC hosted the eighth and final elite contest for the season where 20 players participated.

[2018-04-14] For the first time in a very long time neither Henryk Kalita nor David Pennör belonged to the final couple. Henryk went to the quarter-final, where Niclas Bergendorff stood for the opposition. Niclas played very well and won that match.

In the semifinal against Nalle Olsson, the battle for Niclas and Nalle could easily progress to the final. Manuel Orelana also made him a very nice tournament and advanced to semifinal where David was defeated after an exciting shoutout.

Nalle's nice game during the tournament took place and he defeated Manuel in the final and took home this year's final ranking competition. Congratulations to both gentlemen for a well-completed tournament.

Next major event for SCC will be the final in team SM 2-3 June.

Ranking competition class I north of Söderbiljarden completed.

[2018-03-24] 13 players reported and arrived at Söderbiljarden on Saturday. Örjan Näsbom and Victor Kalita from SCC played both well during the tournament. Victor went to the semifinal but Niclas Bergendorff became too difficult to break. Örjan played his semi-final against Fredrik Andersson and did a fantastic match and advanced to the final and scored 25 points on 26 bouts.

Notably, both Örjan and Victor scored 9 points as the highest shock during the tournament. The finals between Niclas and Örjan ended 25-16 to Niclas and Mr Bergendorff continues Victory Train in Class One and is on the way to the elite by storm.

Congratulations to Niclas for a new nice bet at the table this weekend. Thanks to the competition leader Victor Kalita and all participants for a nice and well-run tournament.

Next class A competition will be played April 21-22 at the Biljardpalatset.

Ranking competition class I north of Söderbiljarden completed.

[2018-03-23] 13 players reported and arrived at Söderbiljarden on Saturday. Örjan Näsbom and Victor Kalita from SCC played both well during the tournament. Victor went to the semifinal but Niclas Bergendorff became too difficult to break. Örjan played his semi-final against Fredrik Andersson and did a fantastic match and advanced to the final and scored 25 points on 26 bouts.

Notably, both Örjan and Victor scored 9 points as the highest shock during the tournament. The finals between Niclas and Örjan ended 25-16 to Niclas and Mr Bergendorff continues Victory Train in Class One and is on the way to the elite by storm.

Congratulations to Niclas for a new nice bet at the table this weekend. Thanks to the competition leader Victor Kalita and all participants for a nice and well-run tournament.

Next class a competition will be played April 21-22 at the Biljard Palace.

Ranking Competition Class 1 Northern Completed.

[2018-03-04] A little smaller start field than usual, screwed the queues at Söderbiljarden Saturday the fourth of March.

After a morning-red start for Niclas Bergendorff and Örjan Näsbom, the men succeeded in increasing the precision of the shocks and finishing the game. Niclas had raised the steam well before the final and won relatively easily against Örjan. Congratulations to Niclas who played amazingly well in his latest competitions.

Our own players Victor Kalita and Lars-Magnus Malmberg ended in third place where Lars-Magnus again landed well and had a nice rising shape curve in the spring.

Victor wore a bad cold and fought bravely on Saturday but did not get up to full capacity.

Next ranking competition Elit no seven in Helsingborg 17-18 March and for class a new event at Söderbiljarden 24-25 March.

SCC Invites to Elite Competition.

[2018-01-29] On 17-18 February, SCC Sweden has the pleasure of arranging this year's second Elite competition in 3-cushion down on Söderbiljarden in Stockholm. We hope that the positive trend of many participants from both the south and the north will continue. Provided that the positive trend continues, matches may also be played on Friday 16/2.

Registration is usually done on billiard online: [click here] (

Competition leader is Victor Kalita and can be reached on +46 70 4418561 for any queries.

Welcome to Stockholm and Söderbiljarden, friends of carambole!


[2018-01-26] The HCP tournament yesterday at Söderbiljarden was played as a tournament with everyone against everyone. Six participants participated in Thursday's tournament, which this time included a so-called aftermath.

The final became somewhat different when both players Bo Bäckman and Giglio Alvarado decided not to play the finals and to share the victory. The prize money was then donated to SCC (we thank you for that).

Notable is that in the group game Giglio finished against Bosse on his 11 points. Bosse, who then had six points and also a 11-point handicap, managed to play a total of 5 points and succeeded in getting a draw. Good work!

For those of you who wonder, both Bosse and Giglios handicap will be adjusted one point at the next HCP start.

As usual we had a nice evening says SCC, friends of carambole.

Elite Competition in Malmö completed.

[2018-01-21] Winner also became this time David Pennör who defeated Nalle Olsson in the final. Congratulations to David for that achievement.

Seven SCC members joined the table to challenge their opponents. The result did not get what we hoped for, but Giglio Alvarado went to quarterfinals and Cemil Karatay managed to reach the eightteenth final where their tournament ended. However, Cemil scored positively by having the tournament's highest score with 10 points. Good job Cemil!

Very funny that we got so many from SCC who traveled down to Malmö and very nice we had it together. Many thanks to the organizers who managed to keep a good pace in the competition and a good and enjoyable atmosphere throughout the tournament.

Next elite competition is played at our home hall Söderbiljarden 17-18 February. Welcome then to Stockholm 3-cushion lovers!

SCC goes south.

[2018-01-18] Malmö Carambole and Snookerclub will host the year's first Elite competition. Interest is absolutely amazing! 30 participants will fight in two days for the honor.

Stockholms Carambole Club sets up with more participants (half the club) than for a very long time and takes the train down to Skåne, where the friends of the carambole receive the highest attention.

We look forward to good food, great games and lots of laughs!

Malmö Carambole and Snookerclub
Facebook: click here

Videoteket. Now we can offer matches on video.

[2018-01-18] Interest for 3-cushion has increased. More licensed players, more training and match training have yielded results. Now, Stockholm's Carambole Club, with the help of Söderbiljarden, also launches Videoteket, allowing you to follow and see talented players and matches at any time, directly in your smartphone. In the long run, we hope to develop interesting educational programs on the subject of carambole.

New training day for 3-cushion.

[2018-01-17] As of today, you can train for free on Wednesdays between 18.00-20.00. Take advantage of the opportunity to work together in the future.


[17-12-17] SCC Sweden thanks all participants for this year's final elite competition for an outstanding effort. Basic play plus crucial final matches have been beyond expectation.

And last but not least. Congratulations David Pennör to the first place but also a big congratulations to SCC's Henryk Kalita who beat and embrace the second place in a very well-played final.

SCC Sweden is looking forward to a very exciting 2018 and also thanks Söderbiljarden for a fantastic game weekend.

2017 Club Championship Closed

[12-12-17] This year's club championship was played on 9 December. It was a long day for all participants with matches that started early in the morning and ended with a final finalized late in the evening. Many even matches were played but in the end four players had fought up to the semi-final. Henryk Kalita defeated Cemil Karatay in the first semifinal and Giglio Alvarado defeated Örjan Näsbom in the second semifinal. In the final, Giglio's hurricane and Henryk won quite comfortably with 25-11.

Congratulations to Henryk Kalita for that achievement and for a year to come, it can be called club champion in SCC Sweden.

Thursday's HCP tournament finalized at Söderbiljarden

[07-12-17] Seven brave warriors fought on tonight's title. Took home victory did Lars Magnus Malmberg who beat Thomas Ekwall in the final. Muhammad Medi defeated Lars Kjerrgren in the final on the loser side. We congratulate the victories. As usual, a nice tournament and next Thursday the competition will be a general rehearsal for next weekend's big event, ie the elite contest and the final competition of the year. Welcome to grind the shape all.

Ranking contest class 1 at Biljardpalatset

[03.12.17] The last ranking competition class one north was taken 2-3 December at the Biljardpalatset in Stockholm. SCC had many players and Örjan Näsbom, Victor Kalita and Lars Kjerrgren made their way to the quarterfinals. For Victor Kalita, it stopped Hans Nielsen, and Lars Kjerrgren put a stop to club mate Örjan Näsbom, who played very well and scored 25 points on 28 shocks.

The semifinals were played between Sebastian Larsson and Hans Nielsen and Örjan Näsbom against Niclas Bergendorf. Sebastian and Niclas went victorious from these matches. The final water van Sebastian Larsson played very stable throughout the weekend and became a worthy winner of the competition. Congratulations from us at SCC for that business.

Söderbiljarden 16-17 December

[01.12.17] Welcome to see or play the last 3-cushion elite competition for the year at Söderbiljarden. Many players have already signed up. So some matches may be played on Friday, December 15th. You also have the opportunity to see some of the matches via streaming at:


[30.11.17] 16 players made up for victory. The winner Ingvar Macke Pettersson who defeated David Pennör in the final. The first Winn for Ingvar, who also like Wiking Fagerlund last week, took home victory at the first attempt. Congratulations on this. The loser final won by Nickolaos Koumentakis who defeated Lars Kjerrgren. Congratulations also there.

Competition Elite Malmö 25-26 November

Elits contest in Malmö completed. 21 participants beat the victory where Nalle Olsson from BK Borgen pulled the longest straw after victory against David Pennör with 40-30 on fine 23 bouts.

Congratulations to Winnie for the strong effort!

Our own heroes performed excellent. Henryk Kalita lost the semifinal against the mentioned Winnie and became three. Giglio Alvarado, Bo Bäckman finished 8-9 and Victor Kalita in place 16 after a really nice game in his first two matches.

Homepage now in place

Stockholm Carambole Club can now finally present its first website. It is responsive so it works for all types of screens. Go to and save the page on your mobile screen as an icon. Now you can follow racing programs, news, rankings, etc. right in your mobile. The website is produced and hosted by Ceyebr in Stockholm.

competition Class 2 at Söderbiljarden

On 18 November, SCC arranged the second class of the year two competitions. Competition leader was Victor Kalita who had 7 games to handle. Segrade made Sebastian Larsson who won over Adrian Weiss in the final. Congratulations to Sebastian from us at SCC!

Billiards Conference at Bosön

Lasse Kjerrgren and Bo Bäckman participated in the Billiard Association's conference in Bosön on 18-19 November. A very informative conference that gave us both a better overview of the emerging situation with RF.

We also got a much greater insight into the support billiards clubs have from RF, SISU and our own union. As I see it, now the clubs in the Stockholm region (and other regions in Sweden, of course) have got the tools to jointly enable good work to rejuvenate the sport. Returns with more information after the next board meeting when the board has discussed guidelines for SCC.

City match against Kumla

Three of our players Henryk and Victor Kalita and Örjan Näsbom visited our carambole fans in Kumla for a friendly match on November 11th.

Kumla led by Peter Åkesson lost 3-6 in matches and our heroes returned happy to Stockholm. Hopefully, this initiative will be repeated and we have more nice events to look forward to.

Billiards Association Conference 18-19 November

The Billiards Association has announced a conference regarding the unsuccessful outcome of accounting for existing billiards clubs in Sweden. The billiards federation is now threatened by exclusion from the Riksidrottsförbund RF due to the weak response from the clubs. The SCC is represented by Lasse Kjerrgren and Bosse Bäckman at this conference. We will return with results from this later this fall.

new training time

We have now established a fixed time for workouts on Wednesdays between 19:00 and 21:00. Our head coach is Henryk Kalita. The first training session was November 8 and after two hours of hard drive by Henryk, it was a happy bunch of breaths. Do not miss the opportunity to work under the leadership of Mr. Kalita. Henryk communicates a lot of tips and advice that we all benefit from when we stand at the competition.

Club Championship

KM for SCC is scheduled for Saturday 9 December.

Notification of this is made to Lasse Kjerrgren by email Last application date 6 December.


As announced earlier, we need a new treasurer in the club. It is desirable that any member belong to Lasse Kjerrgren as soon as possible to swiftly change the treasurer next year's meeting.

Competition leader

We also need to train more of the club members to the competition leader for those competitions where we host. Victor Kalita has taken a lot of responsibility there and Lasse Kjerrgren "embraced" Victor in class one competition by the end of his assignment.

The wish is that we have at least 4 people or more in the club who can be the competition leader in the future.

Upcoming national competitions

On November 18, SCC is hosting a class two competition. Victor is responsible for the competition. Very few entries to this event so good if we in SCC who have the right to participate do

Next elite competition will be played in Malmö 25-26 November. Many of our members are happy to have already registered and it seems that the number of participants can be really big this weekend.

David Pennör to World Cup in Bolivia

David Pennör is invited to his first World Cup in trevallars carambole. There David participates with the legend Thorbjörn Blomdahl for Sweden and we hope for all the success of both of them in La Paz Bolivia.

"I did not expect this at all and was actually set to follow the World Cup from the couch ... but when I got the message I became extremely happy and excited!" tells a happy David Pennör.

The World Cup in Bolivia is played with 48 participants divided into 16 tremann groups, where the two best from each group goes on to the 16th. The distance is 40 points with the score, as well as a shootout in the final game. Torbjörn Blomdahl has had a quite pleasant group with Javier Teran and Fernando Diaz. David also has a good group of two players from Egypt, Sameh Sidhom and Riad Nady.

"I'm doing my cards and playing well, I have a great chance to move on to the final game," says David. "I've met Sidhom and won once before but I have not played Riad yet."

In addition to the honor and the price boulder, the winner takes home € 10,000, while the silver medalist receives € 6,000. The third and fourth places take home € 3500 each, while the 5-8 places get € 2000 each.

Press Release November 4, 2017