Elite competition 2017


Carambole is a form of billiard played by two players on a billiards table without holes. The most played variant is 3-cushion carambole where the player with his game ball will meet the other two balls. During the shock, the ball must also have met at least three courts - the sides of the pool table - before the ball hits the last ball. The sequence is insignificant, you must meet which ball you want first, and also hit the dolphins before or after the first ball hit.


You get 1 point for each correct shock and then continue to play; Failure to overcome the opposition to the opponent. Minus points do not occur. There are rules for jumping and masses. You win a match by achieving a predetermined number of points, often around 40. Bet 15 is also common.

Carambole is played as said on a table without holes. The table usually measures 10 × 5 feet. Larger or smaller tables are available, but a correct carambole table should always be twice as wide as its width. The boards are also often heated to reduce friction between ball and carpet.

Carambole is played with special balls that are a little bigger and therefore heavier than regular billiard balls. You use three balls in the carambole:
A white and a yellow ball - as the respective player has as its game ball - and a red, which is always neutral.

Swedish players Torbjörn Blomdahl and Michael Nilsson (BK Borgen) have won the World Cup on several occasions. Torbjörn has also won the competition together with his father Lennart.